Week in Dfinity News November 5, 2021

Week in Dfinity News November 5, 2021



  • Bitcoin Integration infographic explaining Threshold Signatures.  
  • @Delandlabs released a proposed Dfinity Fungible Token Standard.
  • @lastmjs released JSONIC token written in TypeScript/Javascript. Faucet available.
  • @dfinity Stress test on IC achieved 280k TPS with goal to reach more than 1m TPS by end of 2022.



  • @entrepotapp NFT marketplace updates.
  • @ICPuppies record breaking sale on Entrepot for 265 ICP.
  • @cronicsp2e Is now displaying stats on the Cronics game.  
  • @dscvr released Motoko Day NFT Airdrop for DSCVR users.
  • Quentin Tarantino giving speech at NFT NYC making NFT's about Pulp Fiction Deleted scene NFT's



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