Past 72 hours in #internetcomputer for December 29, 2022

The past 72 hours in #internetcomputer a quick thread ๐Ÿงต

The #internetcomputer is ranked coin of the day by @CryptoEights

How WebAssembly, the VM of the #internetcomputer will transform the internet. WebAssembly is a compiled language, thus faster. Securely executed in a sandboxed environment, platform-agnostic.

Automation created by @drmllr with @TaggrNetwork to automate verifying replica elections

Plethora game launches with holidays prizes. Play at a game built on the #Internetcomputer.

NFT Cubebot sale on Entrepot sells out less than an hour. @Encodend

Distrikt releases version 1.2 with a bunch of new updates @DistriktApp :


Article about customizing the metaverse by @lysergin33


Taggr Blogging platform releases numerous updates @TaggrNetwork

Catalyze launches "manage member" feature to making managing communities easier. @catalyze_one

Neurotic Podcast interview with CTO @JanCamenisch of @dfinity @Neuroticpod


Flowerpower DAO releases year in review

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Jamie Larson